Loyalty API Example Walkthrough 2

In this walkthrough, you use the Catalog API to create items in your product catalog, the Orders API to create orders, and the Loyalty API to manage loyalty accounts and redeem loyalty points.

The Loyalty API cannot be used to create a loyalty program, so you'll start by configuring a loyalty program in the Seller Dashboard with the following settings:

  • An "item based" accrual rule - Earn one point for each coffee purchased.
  • Two "free item" reward tiers - Redeem 10 points for a free coffee and redeem 15 points for a free sandwich.

After the program is set up, you explore Loyalty API features, such as creating a loyalty account for a buyer, adjusting points in the buyer's account, and redeeming points for a free item.


The walkthrough leverages the integration between the Loyalty API and the Orders API, which can reduce application development time and complexity. For more information, see Integration with the Orders API.

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