Customer Segments API

Manage Customers by Segments

A Customer segment (also called a smart group) is a dynamic collection of customers that is defined based on a set of filter criteria. For example, a seller can create a "Visited more than 10 times" segment in the Square Seller Dashboard based on a filter for "visits greater than 10". The customer membership of this segment then updates dynamically as customers reach the threshold of 10 visits. While sellers are in control of defining segments and their criteria, their membership is dynamically adjusted based on the filter criteria (as opposed to customer groups where membership is determined by the seller or developer).

To learn more about the customer segments, see Manage Customer Groups and Filters.

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When retrieving a customer resource, you can determine the customer segments to which a given customer belongs using the following field on the customer resource:

  • segment_ids. Lists all the customer segments to which the customer belongs.

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You can use the Customer Segments API to list and retrieve customer segment definitions. This lets you understand and track basic information (such as, name and created_at) about the segments to which customers belong.

You cannot use the API to create or manage customer segment definitions. Instead, you must use the Square Seller Dashboard or a Square point-of-sale application to do so. Similarly, you cannot use the Customer Segments API to search for customers based on their segment membership.