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Support Square sellers by building apps for today’s business needs.


Build commerce solutions for your own business


Distribute your app on the Square App Marketplace


Create custom solutions for independent sellers

Square Developer

A platform built for growth

Join us in creating smart solutions that help sellers start, run and grow their businesses.


Accept payments

Connect your app to our secure and PCI-compliant platform to accept payments in person, in an app or online.


Create and track orders

Take orders via web and mobile applications and send them directly to Square Point of Sale or your own custom application.


Manage a product catalogue

Enable fast and flexible catalogue management, including individual and batch support for retrieval, updates and deletion.


Organise customers

Leverage customer data to create applications that help sellers grow their sales and build customer loyalty.


Adjust inventory

Make better supply chain decisions by creating tools to improve inventory management.


Manage employees

Integrate timekeeping or collaboration tools that support sellers and help maintain their high-performing teams.

Launch fast with Square’s developer tools

Using Square’s developer platform means less maintenance of legacy systems and more focus on core customer and product experiences.

  • Full sandbox environment
  • Interactive API explorer
  • Live event monitoring
  • Backend SDKs: PHP, Ruby, Java, .Net, Python, Node
  • Secure payment SDKs: iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter

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