Learn about the Vendors API and how to use it in a Square application.
Vendors API

Vendors API Overview Beta release
This is pre-release documentation for an API in public beta and is subject to change.

A seller typically has a list of vendors to supply items for sale. Vendors are also referred to as suppliers. A Square seller can be a vendor for another Square seller, but a vendor might not be a Square seller.

The Seller Dashboard lets a seller add, search, update, or remove a vendor. The Vendors API lets your application manage vendors for a seller. For example, when a new Square seller signs up for your application, your application can call the Vendors API to programmatically add the seller as a supplier for other Square sellers. At a later time, your application can present the vendor list for a seller to choose a supplier to stock a particular type of item. In addition, your application can create an ad hoc vendor and add it to the list of vendors of a Square seller.

The Vendors API exposes the following objects to represent a vendor and the vendor's contact information and to facilitate managing vendors:

  • Vendor - An object encapsulating a vendor, including the vendor's name, account number, address, phone number, and associated contacts.

  • VendorContact - An object encapsulating a contact associated with a given vendor, including the name, email address, and phone number of a contact for the vendor.

The Vendors API supports the following endpoints and webhook events to enable vendor management operations.

The Vendors API supports the following webhook events:

  • Your application must have permissions with the OAuth scope of VENDOR_READ or VENDOR_WRITE to call the Vendors API for read or write operations, respectively.