Install SAP Connector for SAP Business One

SAP Connector runs in the on-premise SAP environment, allowing you to integrate with the on-premise application as though it were cloud-based.

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The SAP Connector installer is a Windows application and service that must be used on a computer running one of the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, or 2019
  • DI API (x64) 9.3
  • SAP Client 64 Bit 9.3-10

In addition, this guide assumes you have completed the SAP Business One installation.

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License administration

Users must be granted DI API Integration User permission (unless they are administrators).

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SAP Connector installation

SAP Connector must be installed on the same computer as the DI API (x64).

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SAP Connector installation and configuration

The SAP Connector installer runs a wizard that prompts you for configuration choices, which it then uses to complete the installation. When the wizard finishes, the installer closes. If you want to update the configuration, you need to run the installed SAP Connector and make your changes on the Manage tab.

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Installing the SAP Connector client

  1. Download SAP Connector (sap-connector-setup.msi) from the Square Bridge Integration Wizard. If you have completed the Integration Wizard, download it from the Source Settings page of Square Bridge.

  2. Run the installer, continue through the installation, and choose the option to customize the configuration when prompted.

  3. For the Endpoint field, US-based customers need to choose US Production. For Europe-based customers, choose EU Production.

  4. Complete the installation.

  5. Navigate to the installation directory, unless changed. Run G2C GUI.exe.

    The default installation path is C:\Program Files\UiPath\SAP Connector\Ground2Cloud.

  6. Choose the Manage tab and take note of the endpoint URL.

    The URL is used in the Square Bridge SAP Business One configuration wizard, on the External Source page, in the Database, External Address field.


The options on the Advanced tab in SAP Connector should only be set by a Square Bridge engineer. If you inadvertently change a setting, contact the Square Bridge team for help with correcting it.