Order-Ahead Sample Application

Applies to: Orders API | Catalog API

Use the order-ahead sample application to start taking pickup orders.

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You can optionally create a test account in the Square Developer Dashboard and test the application.

The order-ahead sample application takes pickup orders from customers, charge them for their orders, and send order details to the Square Point of Sale application so sellers can manage fulfillment.

A graphic showing a menu for the Order-Ahead sample application.

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Get started

Use the following steps to set up the Node.js order-ahead sample application and start taking pickup orders:

  1. Get Developer Credentials
  2. Configure the Order-Ahead Sample Application
  3. Generate Test Catalog Items
  4. Take a Pickup Order and Pay for It
  5. Verify your Pickup Order


Make sure you have the latest version of Node.js installed before you start.