App Marketplace Revenue Sharing

Learn about seller referral revenue and App Marketplace subscription revenue sharing for applications published in the Square App Marketplace

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What you'll learn

In this topic, you learn about how you receive a share of the payment processing revenue generated by sellers that you refer to Block, Inc. or its affiliates ("Square"). You also learn about sharing a portion of the app subscription fees that you earn from the sellers who use your application.

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Referral revenue share

Developers who use Square’s self-service workflow to publish an app in the Square App Marketplace can get paid for making referrals to Square.


Any partner that does not initiate signup using the self-service workflow and instead signs a partnerships contract with Square should reference the economic terms in their partnership contract.

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How do I set up for revenue share on referrals I make to Square?

If you use Square’s self-service workflow to accept terms and publish an app to the app marketplace, you can collect a revenue share on any payments processed by referred sellers, for their first 12 months of card processing. Making your first referral to Square starts a process to provide Square with your banking information, which is used to pay out any referral revenue share earned. The process includes onboarding via Certa and may include Square’s international invoicing tool, Tradeshift. Currently, Tradeshift onboarding is only required if you are invoicing in IE, UK, or AU.

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How do I refer sellers to Square?

Shortly after your app is published in the Square App Marketplace, Square provides you with unique cookie links to be used for:

  • Square sign-up links on your website
  • General Square links on your website
  • In-app OAuth link to be used when authenticating Square sellers into your application.

Square uses these unique links to attribute any traffic from your website or application back to your company. Setting up these links ensures you get credit for any new sellers you refer to Square.

If your integration has been published in the app marketplace and you did not receive this email, please contact support.

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Where can I track my referral and my earnings?

Following the launch of your app, your email address is enrolled in an automated payout report workflow. A payout report email is sent to your address on or about the 15th of each month. It contains summary information and payout data for the past complete month. If you’ve referred sellers to Square that have started processing payments through Square, you should receive a payout report in the month following the first processed payments.

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How do I get paid?

Making your first referral to Square starts an onboarding process with Block Procurement Ops. You are sent an onboarding email via Certa from Block Procurement Ops ([email protected]) with the subject:

Heads up: Supplier Registration request from Block, Inc (formerly Square Inc.).

This onboarding email is sometimes mistaken for spam, so please check your spam folder if you have not received an email.

Follow the steps in the email to submit your banking and tax documentation via Certa. When complete, this information is referenced for any revenue share payments made to you. You are paid out to the bank account you provide to Certa. Square requires that you provide Certa with the same bank account that you’ve linked to your Square account. You may be required to complete additional submissions if your app is available in more than one geo. You can do so via the Developer Support Form by selecting this response: “Payouts > I want to change details about my payout.” to the I have a question about: field.


Any revenue share payments for earnings in the United States or Canada will occur automatically. You may be required to submit an invoice to Square for revenue share outside of these countries.

A graphic showing an marketplace support form with "I have a question about" selected

If you have multiple geos and a bank account for each, you need to complete vendor onboarding for each bank account. Revenue sharing invoices need to be created for each geo and mapped to the corresponding Square entity.

You submit a geo-specific revenue sharing invoice to to each of the Square entities shown in the following table:

Geo Square Entity
USInvoice not required
CAInvoice not required
UKSquareup International Limited
70 Sir John Rogerson's Quay,
Dublin 2,
IESquareup International Limited
70 Sir John Rogerson's Quay,
Dublin 2,
ESSquareup International Limited
70 Sir John Rogerson's Quay,
Dublin 2,
FRSquareup International Limited
70 Sir John Rogerson's Quay,
Dublin 2,
AUSquare AU Pty. Ltd
L8, 376-390
Collins Street,
Victoria, 3000
JPSquare K.K.
7-7-7 Roppongi,
106-0032 Japan

For example, if your referred sellers are in Japan and Australia, you would submit an invoice to Square K.K for Japan and an invoice to Square AU Pty. Ltd for Australia. To submit a payout invoice to Square for the above geos:

Fill out this Square supplier accounts payable profile as shown in the following image:

Complete the profile using the following guidance:

  • Supplier Name - Your name
  • Supplier Company Name - The legal name of your company, as written in the signed contract with Square
  • Email - Your email address
  • Contracting Entity - Select “Square”
  • Category - Select “Invoice”
  • Sub-Category - Select “Invoice submission”
  • Subject - A subject line for the supplier invoice payment request
  • Description - A short description of the invoice you send to collect your share of revenue
  • How many files do you want to upload? - Select the number of invoices you would like to attach to this request (up to a maximum of 10). Be sure to have invoice dates for all invoices you attach.

After completing the previous fields, choose the files to upload to attach your invoice file(s).

A graphic that shows an accounts payable invoice upload form

Did you know?

If the Choose File button does not automatically appear, ensure that you have filled out the required fields marked with an asterisk, select a different number of files and then re-select the original number of files you had intended. The SUBMIT button should now be enabled for selection.

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When will I get paid?

When you’re onboarded and making referrals to Square, revenue share amounts are paid monthly. Submit your invoice and you should receive your revenue share payment before the last day of the month. If your revenue share is less than $50, it will be aggregated into a quarterly payment.

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App Marketplace subscription revenue share to Square

Developers who use Square’s self-service workflow to accept terms and publish an app in the Square App Marketplace are responsible for a 20% revenue share payable to Square of the subscription revenue that you collect from Square Merchants who sign up for your app via referral from Square’s App Marketplace. You will report revenue share to the appropriate Square entity on a quarterly basis, after which Square will invoice you for the amounts due. Failure to do so could result in the delisting of your app.

For example, if your referred sellers are in Japan and Australia, you would report revenue to Square K.K for Japan and report it to Square AU Pty. Ltd for Australia. For a complete list of Square reporting entities, see the Square Entities table.

Developers will receive an email from Square Accounts Receivable ([email protected]) with instructions on how to report revenue share to Square on a quarterly basis. If you do not have any revenue share to report, you can select the second option ‘No revenue share this quarter’.

A graphic showing a Square App Marketplace revenue share request email body

Please follow the steps outlined in the email for your invoice.