Managing Application Reviews

Reviews provide sellers with a useful context for how your application can help them run their business. Positive reviews can draw a seller to your application and increase the number of installations. Applications with better ratings are also more likely to be featured and appear higher in search results.

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Collecting application reviews

Sellers with a verified identity are eligible to leave a review 24 hours after they have installed your application. Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5, and reviewers can leave comments, which can be edited after publishing.

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Replying to application reviews

Your application administrator is able to view and reply to reviews in the Developer Dashboard. It is helpful to reply to negative reviews. Addressing feedback can help improve your ratings, and sellers are able to edit their reviews at any time.

Keep responses concise and focused on the seller's concerns. Avoid using generic responses. Instead, personalize the message to the seller. Responses should never include personal information or marketing content.

On occasion, a seller might leave a negative review that is not helpful or relevant. Report these reviews in the Developer Dashboard. Square investigates and removes reviews for the following reasons:

  • It is inappropriate. This review contains profanity or content that is otherwise not suitable.
  • It contains personal information. This review contains personally identifiable information that should not be publicly visible.
  • It is not relevant. This review is not relevant to what the application does.

Square might also remove reviews written by sellers who were offered something in exchange for their review. It is not permitted for employees affiliated with your application to leave reviews about a competing application or your own application.