Terminal API Requirements

Partner applications must implement the Terminal API if they want to manage Terminal checkout and Interac refund requests sent to a paired Square Terminal.

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OAuth and device credential management

Terminal devices must be set up and managed on behalf of sellers by using the OAuth API.

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Buyer and seller cancellation management

Terminal device webhook events must be handled by the partner platform. If a payment request is sent to a Square Terminal and the buyer cancels the payment, there must be a way for the partner application to react to the event. The partner application must give the seller a way to cancel a payment request, in which case the partner application sends a cancellation request to the Square Terminal.

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Reconcilable payments

All payments taken on a Square Terminal must be reconcilable across the partner and Square platforms. This typically means setting the TerminalCheckout note parameter to the partner name, setting an invoice/order number that is also visible on the partner platform, and setting the reference_id parameter to a unique human-readable reference number.

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Device parameters

Partners must submit their TerminalCheckout device_options and ensure that the options match the seller experiences on both the partner platform and on Square. For example, if the partner application manages receipts, device_options.skip_receipt_screen must be set to true.