Web Payments SDK Requirements

Partner applications can use the Web Payments SDK to create PCI-compliant inputs to accept payments online with the Payments API. The App Marketplace requirements described in this topic apply to partner applications that use the Web Payments SDK.

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Form validation errors

Square performs client-side validation on Web Payments SDK card entry fields, such as an improper credit card number length, a wrong expiration date format, an incomplete ZIP code, and a non-credit-card number. Partners must handle all form validation errors and clearly display them to buyers when appropriate.

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Invalid credit card details

If credit card details are entered in the card form in a correct format but specific field values are wrong (such as an invalid expiration date or invalid card number), the card still passes the client-side validation but fails when the payment is actually attempted. Partners must handle these errors and display a user-friendly error message on the payment form if the payment attempt fails and ask the customer to re-enter the card details.

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ACH bank transfer

If a partner application supports ACH, they must implement the following practices:

  • The application must present the modal window for ACH clearly and in an accessible way.
  • The partner application must fail gracefully if a user doesn't complete the transaction.
  • ACH is currently only supported in the United States and can take 3–5 business days to complete.
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Strong Customer Authentication

If a partner application supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), they must implement the following practices:

  • Partner applications must use SCA and the Payments.verifyBuyer() function if they provide any customer-facing payment flow taken in the United Kingdom and EU (where Square is available).

  • Partner applications must fail gracefully to a user-friendly experience if a card payment fails to be validated through SCA.

  • Seller-facing payment flows aren't required to incorporate the verifyBuyer functions at this time. Contact Square to enable the ability to flag payments that don't have the verifyBuyer functions incorporated.