Learn about programmatic access to the Square Directory service with the Square Customers API, Customer Groups API, and Customer Segments API.
Customers API

Manage Customers for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Square makes it easy for developers to seamlessly integrate, manage, and synchronize customer profiles and customer segmentation at scale. The Customers API can create and manage customer profiles and perform targeted customer searches. The Customer Custom Attributes API can be used to extend the customer data model and store seller-specific or application-specific information. The Customer Groups API and Customer Segments API enable flexible customer segmentation for automation and personalization of customer workflows and programs for sellers.

The Customers API lets you individually manage customer profiles in a seller's account. You can use the API to create, read, update, or delete customer profiles and search for customers by phone number, email address, reference ID, and other attributes. The Customers API also lets you manage group memberships for a customer profile. For more information, see Customers API Overview.

Third-party applications and systems can use the Customers API to synchronize customer data with the Customer Directory. The lean and flexible interface makes it easy to integrate custom functionality into eCommerce and other experiences, typically across channels such as analytics, marketing, loyalty, and personalization.

The Customer Custom Attributes API lets you create and manage custom attributes for customer profiles. Custom attributes can be used to store custom properties or metadata that extend the Customer object and simplify integration, synchronization, and personalization workflows. A custom attribute is based on a custom attribute definition in a Square seller account. After the definition is created, the custom attribute can be set for customer profiles in the seller's Customer Directory. For more information, see Custom Attributes for Customers.

The Customer Groups API lets you create, read, update, and delete a customer group. Customer groups let you organize customers to enable personalized customer experiences at scale. For more information, see Customer Groups API Overview.

The Customer Segments API lets you discover available customer segments in a seller's account and get details about specific customer segments. A customer segment is a group of customers that is dynamically formed according to a set of criteria specified in the Seller Dashboard or Square Point of Sale. For more information, see Customer Segments API Overview.

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