Customers API

Get Started Using the Customers API

You can use the Customers API for customer-related tasks that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Keeping records of customer profiles in a Square account.

  • Synchronizing the customer data.

  • Searching for customers using supported query filters.

  • Integrating customer data with other Square services to facilitate the customer purchasing experience.


    If you save customer contact information, you must seek explicit permission from the customer. This means you should enable an option for the customer to agree explicitly to have the contact information stored on file. Storing customer contact information without explicit consent and any other form of abuse of customer information might result in your application being disabled without notice.

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To use the Customers API, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have a Square account enabled for payment processing. If you have a Square account, but have not enabled payment processing (or you are not sure), see To use OAuth, you need CUSTOMERS_READ or CUSTOMERS_WRITE permission.

  • You have a valid access token. For testing, use Sandbox credentials when possible. For more information, see Square API Access Tokens.

  • You use HTTPS to make production Square API calls. However, you can make HTTP calls for developing and testing on localhost.

  • You follow best practices for collecting information. Abuse of customer contact information might result in your application being disabled without notice.