Secure in-app payments for iOS and Android.

In-app payments for iOS and Android

Easily integrate Square payments into your mobile app.

When you build with Square, you get to outsource all the payments complexity to us. We take care of maintaining PCI compliance, detecting fraud, and managing disputes on your behalf.

Customizable UI, designed for speed.

We built an interactive interface designed for fast, accurate card entry in mobile apps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Easily customize colors and fonts to match your app.

Digital wallet and stored card support for quick checkout.

Make it easier for customers to pay in app, and reduce cart abandonment. Easily integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay. Securely store a card on file so buyers don’t have to re-enter their card information next time.

  1. Download the SDK

    Create a Square account. Add the In-App Payments SDK to your project.

  2. Customize the UI

    Change colors and fonts on the payment form to match your app.

  3. Take payments

    Buyers enter their card details in your app. You get paid.

Build on the mobile platform of your choice.

Whether you’re building natively for iOS or Android, or cross-platform on Flutter, we have you covered with our mobile SDKs, sample code, and sample apps.

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One stop for in-app, online, and in-person payments.

Simplify development and maintenance by using a single provider for all your payments needs. Our platform lets you create a seamless payment experience across channels in your own apps, or easily integrate with Square Point of Sale.

Store and charge cards on file across channels.

Securely store customers’ card information to speed up their next checkout, whether their next purchase is made online, in-app, or in-person.

Spend less time wrangling your data. See it all in one place.

Connect your in-app, in-person, and online payments data in one system. Have more data such as customers, employees, or inventory to manage? You can see it all in Square Dashboard, or pass it into your own reporting system via APIs.

Focus on your app. We’ll manage the payments.

PCI compliance

Our APIs facilitate PCI-DSS compliant payment processing. We handle the expense and time investment of dealing with assessors, SAQ requirements, and audits—with no fees for staying compliant on your behalf.

Dispute management

We have a dedicated disputes team to deal with the bank for you. We’ll ask for the documentation we need and take care of the rest with no additional fees.

Fast deposits

Get your money faster. Next-business-day deposits come standard, or get your funds instantly for 1% of the deposit amount.

Fraud detection

We use machine learning to analyze every payment in our ecosystem and continuously innovate in fraud prevention.

Get started

Check out our quick-start guide to start taking payments in your app.

Want to take payments online or in-person, too?

We also have APIs and SDKs for taking payments on your website, and in your app using Square hardware.