Case Study



  • Setmore offers simple online booking, reminders, and payments for consultants, entrepreneurs, contractors, and health and beauty businesses.
  • Initially Setmore partnered with Square for in-person payments and online eCommerce. They now work with over 30 different platforms.
  • To date, daily signups have tripled within three months

Building Solutions for Small Businesses

Setmore lets you manage services, add staff, and set pricing on your customizable online booking page. Setmore is continually adding features to solve real customer problems for small businesses such as SMS confirmations, employee scheduling, and tele-conferencing. Established in 2013, the company is now providing appointments in 119 countries and integrated with 30 different platforms.

Focusing on the Customer Experience

On a visit to Setmore customer, Jasmine, the owner, was manually entering credit cards for members after their class. This led to Setmore partnering with Square to offer in-person payments services directly in their app. Enabling Jasmine to quickly process payments and look as professional as her cross fit classes.

“Our mission is simple and right there in the company name, “ said Bryce Morrow, Setmore CEO. “By focusing on the customer, we can ensure we are helping them set more appointments.”

Expanding to Square Online

Since the first integration two years ago, Setmore has implemented the eCommerce API and card on file API to enable class bookings and online payments. Recently they have worked with Square Partnerships to implement scheduling and appointment widgets on Square Online using the Embed Code feature, enabling customers to easily book more appointments.

Setmore’s development team is distributed around the world and builds for over 119 countries. The team needed to ensure that each developer could access integrations and get questions resolved as soon as possible to not impact development timelines.

Square ensured they had the sandboxes correctly set up for their development teams and provided engineering support through Square Developer Forums and Slack channels.

“We integrated with Square because of their industry-leading intuitive hardware for transforming a phone into a POS, but we ended up with so much more. We are both focused on empowering businesses, and we’ve found a real partner to grow with.”

–Bryce Morrow, Setmore CEO

Adapting to Change

Today, businesses are continuing to adapt to changes in rules and regulations and adopting an omni-channel approach to meet their customers where they are most comfortable, whether online or in-person. With telephone and email bookings not scalable, many companies are turning to online bookings and using tele-conferencing to create virtual experiences. Square has thousands of appointment-based business customers that Setmore is working to help many adapt to digital bookings.

Setmore recently added video conferencing to help businesses transition to online commerce. Their traditional customers were barber shops, salons, and solopreneurs, but with a digital-first approach they’ve expanded to medical centers, embassies, and the New York state DMVs.