Case Study



  • Jane is a global online clinic management solution that enables clinicians to book, chart, schedule, and invoice for services.
  • Clinics previously used sidecar legacy payment devices, requiring clinicians to manually enter payment information into the Jane app and mark the service as paid.
  • Jane turned to Square for its modern Square Terminal credit card machines that sync wirelessly with Jane through Terminal API and push notifications to Jane via webhooks.
  • Within one week of launch, more than 500 clinics had signed up to use the Square Terminal API integration with Jane.

Jane's Mission

Jane was founded in 2012, when cofounder Alison Taylor struggled to find the right software to run her healthcare clinic, Canopy, in North Vancouver, Canada. She turned to cofounder Trevor Johnston, who built an online booking and electronic medical records system for Canopy. What started as a simple solution to a problem turned into Jane, a global online clinic management solution that helps clinicians book, chart, schedule, and invoice for services. Jane is a web-based application designed for any type of clinic and currently serves thousands of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, mental health providers, and more in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia.

Finding a Payments Solutions That Works with Jane

Clinics using Jane primarily take payments for services in person or online. Until now, clinics used legacy payment devices that did not connect to Jane software. Clinicians would start the checkout process in Jane, enter the final amount on the payment device, give the device to the client for payment, and then manually mark the service as paid in Jane. This manual process didn’t align with Jane’s mission, as Kevin Byers, Director of Payments at Jane shared. “For a solo practitioner, any time saved on administrative tasks means more personal time with the patient,” said Kevin. “That’s what Jane is for—to get rid of the administrative burden. We were looking for a payments provider that also valued making the lives of our clinicians easier.”

Jane turned to Square for its modern Square Terminal hardware that syncs seamlessly with Jane through Terminal API. Through the integration, Jane enables clinicians to link payments directly to invoices, so when a client taps their card or phone on the Terminal device, payments are automatically recorded in Jane and the invoice is marked as paid. Plus, Square supports multiple payment types across regions, including in-person Interac payments in Canada.

“Square Terminal is one of the most beautiful payment devices in the market. We’re especially impressed that it allows a web-based platform like Jane to provide a seamless point of sale experience. Our users are most excited that they no longer have to manually key in an amount prior to every sale.”

–Trevor Johnston, Co-CEO at Jane

Building with Square Terminal API

In just two weeks, the team at Jane completed a first pass at their integration with Terminal API. Using the payment processing code they had already built, they enabled OAuth for their clinicians and started using webhooks for a smoother experience. The team worked directly with the Square product management and partnership teams to resolve any issues in the implementation process.

“We love that we can use a modern webhooks-based solution to provide a more intuitive experience for clinicians and their clients,” said Zain Amarshi, Lead Payments Developer at Jane. “When a client pays for their service on Terminal, the webhook triggers a pop-up modal in the Jane app to notify the clinician that the payment has been made. The ability for Terminal devices to talk to our software like that is a game changer.”

Looking Ahead

Jane recently launched the Square Terminal API integration to clinics in the U.S. and Canada, including clinics that were already using Square Terminal asynchronously for payments. Within one week of launch, more than 500 clinics signed up to use the Square Terminal API integration with Jane. The team hopes to roll out the integration to clinics in the UK and Australia in the coming months.

Beyond in-clinic services, Jane is expanding into telehealth so clinics can serve their clients wherever they are. Jane will continue to explore partnership opportunities with Square to uncover new ways to help its clinicians.