Case Study


Founded in 2010, Singenuity is both an operator and software developer for adventure businesses. Singenuity provides complete adventure and entertainment software for any business to book reservations and sell tickets — zip lines, adventure parks, rafting, etc.


  • Singenuity went from just taking reservations and payments to developing a full platform that also manages waivers and photo systems.
  • It had tried to build its own PCI-compliant solution and even tried partnering with another company, but it ran into a host of problems and complications.
  • Square Reader SDK provided the simplest solution and access to hardware. Singenuity first tested it in all its locations and is now distributing it as a platform for other adventure companies.
  • Singenuity has garnered the trust of many clients by leaning on the Square brand and has seen a dramatic improvement in the new client onboarding process.

An All-in-One System for Adventure

For over six years, Singenuity has served as the in-house software for the adventure company CLIMB Works. Based on its business needs, it built a full adventure platform that not only handles reservations but also serves as a point of sale, waiver manager, and photo system. Controlling the whole system helped it save time and money, and it believed this system could help do the same for other adventure companies.

“Most people are familiar with Square and its simplicity, and when they come to our website and see that we use Square exclusively, they understand this is going to make their payments simpler. For new clients using Square, the ease of entry to get them started and the confidence they have in the name ‘Square’ has dramatically helped us.”

- Grady Dycus, Cofounder of Singenuity

The original Singenuity platform was web based and used a generic magnetic-card swiper. This, however, required it to become PCI compliant, which could have taken months, so it decided to partner with a provider. Though the provider helped cover PCI compliance, it slowed down client onboarding. Onboarding a new client required a wait of up to two weeks for hardware and then an additional week to find someone to help clients set up the system. This was a huge bottleneck, but it led Singenuity to Square.

Currently Singenuity uses the Reader SDK to process payments through its iOS app, with Android in the works. The integration process was simple and straightforward, and the solution, right out of the box, is now PCI and EMV compliant, and takes Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Though the solution is new to market, Singenuity is already seeing the positive effects of working exclusively with Square. Clients see the Square name and immediately understand that their payments will be simpler. Additionally, Singenuity has been able to remove the bottleneck of onboarding new clients. Clients can go to a local retail provider to pick up Square hardware, set up a Square account on the Singenuity platform, and connect the hardware within an hour. “We [Singenuity] can open the floodgates and onboard customers and focus on our competency rather than worry about payments and PCI.”