Transferred amount on receipts is incorrect with application fee

When there is application fee, square receipts shows incorrect amount, it subtracts application fee from the transferred amount twice.

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@Square-Dev-AI Need more help with this, we already do implement the things menthioned, issue is in the square UI. Need more specific assistance.

The application fee is not subtracted twice from the transferred amount. When a payment is made, the total payment amount is credited to the seller’s Square account. The application fee is then deducted from this total and credited to your (the developer’s) Square account. The seller’s Square account only reflects the net amount after the application fee has been deducted. The application fee is not deposited into the seller’s account and then removed, it is directly transferred to the developer’s account. Therefore, the receipts should show the correct amount. If you’re seeing discrepancies, it might be a good idea to double-check the transaction details and calculations.

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Do you have an example of the discrepancy your seeing? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square Yes, here is the screenshot. Payment id: vLoJnpcVA6ets0s3SHYgrZTIngMZY

@Bryan-Square Incorrect Square UI is causing a lot of issues. You are subtracting the application fee twice. For the first 2 minutes after the transaction, it shows correct. Then it shows incorrectly.

The payment you provided has a app_fee_money of $5.00 and the Square fee is $0.59. When I check the payment in the UI it’s showing correctly. If your checking the Dashboard right after a payment there may be some updates and fee’s may change if some asynchronous functions haven’t finished for payments.


@Bryan-Square Square is including app_fee_money in the total amount. We have a Stripe connection as well and it treats both as separate. For example. Amunt $10 and application fee $5, then you are including $5 into $10.
While Stripe takes $15 payment with a $10 as an amount and $5 as an application fee.

Right, this is how app_fee_money works with Square as per our documentation. :slightly_smiling_face: