Developer report on app_fee_money amounts

Is there any way for me to see what app fee amounts have come in during a month?

I’m guessing that this report doesn’t exist yet, so the workaround would be to have a webhook defined for the oAuth user which logs the app fee amounts on our end; this is also to allow troubleshooting of individual transactions if a customer has difficulties. This is something we can do, obviously, just wanting to make sure I’m not missing a more direct Square-provided solution for this need.

To add some background - these are ticket sales in the frontend, and each transaction includes an appropriate app fee, which does arrive in my developer dashboard, and is reported as “Other” income in each transfer breakdown. I don’t seem to be able to confirm though that the “Other” amount is all app fee amounts, though I suspect it is, and this only gives me a daily total at this stage.

A related need, with a new project, is to confirm that I’m receiving app fee payments, as this is how the user pays for premium service.

Am I correct in thinking that I need to collect my own stats and troubleshooting info to be able to do this?

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At this time there isn’t a Square provided report for app_fee_money available in the Dashboard. You have a couple of options on getting the data. You could listen to webhooks and build the reports as the payments are completed as a feed like what you mentioned. Or if you don’t have the data in your database you can call ListPayments for all your Square sellers using your integration for your given timeframe. Then parse the payment for app_fee_money to get the data. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the confirmation Bryan! Much appreciated as usual.

Glad I can help and really appreciate all your help on the Forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

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