Marketplace Listing - Collect Payments from customers

Hello All,
We are currently listed in the Square Marketplace and actively selling our App.
I am wondering what needs to be done to collect payments from customers that choose to use our app. Is it the Payments API? Or is all this done automatically by Square (we did set pricing after all).
If payment collecting is done automatically then what points do we need to pull in order to get customer data i.e. total customer, location, rev, etc? And when do payments get disbursed to our bank account?

How are you looking to charge your customers? Are you using app_fee_money to take a portion of every payment or are you looking to bill on a regular cadence? If it’s on a regular scheduled cadence you can use our Subscriptions API.

For collecting data on your customers you can use the following:

Lastly, all funds will be sent to your bank account according to the Transfer schedule.