Source_id for CreateCard

Hey! :slight_smile:

To use square for CC processing through the API – do I have to put your UI on my front end to capture the CC details?

This seems to make it a 4-step process.

  1. Create customer with your API
  2. Use YOUR UI in MY frontend to capture the card info.
  3. Use that token to create a card with your API
  4. Use your API to create a the transaction which charges the card.

With your competitors like I can use my own UI and call a single API to charge the card. I’m assuming I’m reading the documentation wrong, and that there is a more simple way… So I wanted to take the time to ask. :slight_smile:


Hello! :wave:

Yes, before processing a payment with Square’s APIs you’ll need to tokenize the card using one of Square’s client-side libraries (i.e. Web Payments SDK or In-App Payments SDK). However, if you’re just looking to charge a one-time payment you won’t need to create a customer or card, you can just charge the generated payment token directly.

You’ll only need to use the Customers or Cards API if you’re interested in setting up recurring payments.

Yes, we’ll be charging more than once. :frowning: Thanks for the response.