Integrating multiple services into app with many Sellers/locations

Hi there!

Currently I’m working on a project where we are hoping to integrate multiple Square service. We are a healthcare app that will be taking payments, booking, invoicing etc. through the app using Square’s API. Right now we have payments with a work flow of clients make a square account and we use OAuth to make take payments on their behalf. I know we can use OAuth to make booking on their behave but this then adds a charge to their account for each location. Is there a way we can have the location charges (going to Square) come through our application account instead of of having our clients pay our bill along with a Square bill?

Would a work around from this be having the all of our clients locations on our account? Problem with this is their locations wont be on their dashboard restricts some access from them.

Currently there isn’t a way around this with OAuth and our Invoice Plus. They’ll have to subscribe with their account if they want to use the additional feature it offers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response Bryan!

Do you see any other pitfalls to having all locations under our account and just use the API to build a dash in our app? Also, this might be a stretch for asking but is this something on Squares radar for implementing in the future? (The option of being a service instead of the provider)

We don’t recommend this approach. The preferred approach is to use OAuth. If all payments are on your account your liable for any chargebacks. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be a mix of the two, payments on their account since there is no month charge just service charges taken directly from the payments. The rest of the services would be handled through ours.

That isn’t the Square recommended approach. Also given the amount you transact and the amount of transactions we may send a 1099K for taxes. Taking all the payments on your account may cause tax complications. I’d recommend talking to a tax professional if this is really the approach you want to take. :slightly_smiling_face: