Multiple business setup in one account

We have a SAAS product. In our product, we have some customers and they also have some customers. Means One business >> multiple customers >> multiple customer’s customers. In that case, can we create an account in Square for the main business and create some ID for our customers and each ID can connect with one or multiple POS machines (Square Terminal) and then when someone makes a transaction or pays using POS machines (Square Terminal), the payment is directly stored in the main business account. Also, we can keep a record of which ID does the transaction. So, One Square account >> provide ID for multiple customers >> take payment from Customer’s Customers and store the money in the main account and keep the record of the transaction. Is this possible in Square?

When you create a Square account that’s known as a merchant account with a merchant_id. Each merchant account will have at least one location. That’s known as the default location and will have a location_id. You can create additional locations which will all have a unique location_id to process payments on. Payments are always attributed to a location and each location will have a bank linked to it for deposits.

Given our account model and your use case, if your customer is a business other then your own we recommend using OAuth to enable them to use your application for compliance reasons. :slightly_smiling_face: