App Fee Transfer Summary

Is there a way to separate the daily transfer summary into which merchant we are collecting fees from? On any given day we are running up to a dozen different events with different vendors. Our platform connects food trucks with tenants at buildings in which we offer food service. We have built reporting from our app for this but it is not 100% reliable. If our report does not tie to our transfer amount, I have limited way to know how to reconcile

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Hi @acenj8 welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately there’s not a way to see it by merchant at this time. This article shows the only reporting around application fees:

The fees you collect are available in the Payments API, so you are able to pull numbers using the Payments API per merchant, if you choose.

Hi @sjosey Are you suggesting collecting the app-fee data for each transaction or is there a way to get consolidated data using APIs for each account?