CheckoutAPI: Collecting Developer App Fees from AdditionalRecipients[]

Each time a merchant’s customer places an online order using my app, I collect $0.50 from the order total. (A developer fee)

I’m using:

  1. Square NuGet package 6.0.0

  2. .NET Core 3.1

  3. Square API: 06/25/2020

I construct the CreateCheckoutRequest and populate the field additionalRecipients[]
with a new ChargeRequestAdditionalRecipient object and set amountMoney field to 50 which would be a $0.50 application fee.
More information on CheckoutAPI:

However, when I go back to my Square Dashboard and navigate to Balance (after a merchant’s online customer places an order and pays for it online using my app and Square API) I don’t see my funds getting deposited from the fees I’m collecting.

Funny thing too - Before I activated my Square Business Card, I was seeing the transactions. I don’t know if this is relevant but just throwing this in for information.

Anyone else collecting developer fees using the CheckoutAPI and hosted Square Checkout page?

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Hey @Knowtifyd welcome to the forums!

Could you share your application id and I’ll take a look on our side to see what’s going on?