Square APP Fee Concerns

Problem Statement:

There is the 60 & 90 % app fee rule in the square.

That is:

  • When total_money is $5.00 or greater, the maximum allowed application fee percentage is 90%.
  • When total_money is less than $5.00, the maximum allowed application fee percentage is 60%.

So in our case, this rule is breaking. Due to which square is not accepting the order. So what we want is that if at any time the 60% or 90 % rule breaks then our flow should not be affected by this.

Reference Link of the 60 & 90 % rule: Payments API: Take Payments and Collect Fees


Note: we are using the Square Point of Sale platform.

API Link that we are using to conduct the payment: POST /v2/payments - Square API Explorer


  1. Is there any other payment API that supports the Square Point of Sale Platform and does not have the 60 & 90 % rule?
  2. Is there any way through which we can separately charge the square merchant via API and transfer the amount to the square developer?

At this time the Payments API is the only API for collecting a fee with Square. Also I’m trying to better understand you use case. In what case would you be taking more than 60 or 90 % of a merchants payment as an application fee?

If you would like to separately charge a Square merchant via the API you can the Subscriptions API or if you have their card saved with the Cards API you can charge that card with the Payments API.