Clone customer with payment information

We currently use an application fee to charge for the extra services sold by the platform. But with the application fee, there is an issue of combined charge and square fees.

Example. The customer buys $100 from the host and $5 extra service from the platform. We were doing with the application fee as a $105 charge. Now we want to do separate charges for the customer $100 goes to the connected account and $5 goes to the platform or app.

How we can achieve this with the customer entering the card details once? We want to use the save card on file and clone the customer & payment method id to multiple accounts. Please let us know how this can work with Square. We don’t want customer to enter the card details twice.

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@Square-Dev-AI Your answer does not help at all, need a personalized answer to my question.

Have you looked at using the shared card on file? When storing a shared card on file you’ll be able to charge the $100 to the connected sellers account and charge the $5 fee because the card is also stored on your Square account. :slightly_smiling_face: