Build apps that connect to Square hardware

In-person payments for developers

Accept payments with Square hardware using Square APIs and SDKs

Whether you’re building a custom point of sale (POS) or a self-service kiosk, you can now connect to Square Stand, Square Readers and Square Terminal by integrating with our APIs and SDKs for in-person payments. Let Square manage the complexities of payment processing, including security and compliance, so you can focus on building a world-class product.

Choose your in-person payments integration.

Build with Square Terminal API to give your sellers access to the sleek Square Terminal device for all-in-one credit card processing and printed receipts. Or, build with Square Reader SDK to give sellers the option of Square Stand or Square Reader.

Terminal API

Build a custom point of sale that connects to Square Terminal, an all-in-one credit card device, from any platform. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Interac Flash® and credit card payments (chip & PIN and magstripe) anywhere.


Build a custom iOS or Android point of sale that connects to Square card readers. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit and credit card payments anywhere. POS API is compatible with Square Stand and Square Reader.


Security & Compliance

Our payments APIs include end-to-end encryption, dispute management, fast deposits for sellers and fraud detection.


Processing Fees

Square offers simple, transparent payment pricing with no hidden fees. Square APIs and SDKs are free for developers to use. Sellers only pay processing fees for each transaction.

Ready to get started?

Review our documentation and start integrating payment capabilities into your app.