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Indicates the type of the payment request.

An invoice supports the following payment request combinations:

  • 1 balance
  • 1 deposit with 1 balance
  • 2 - 12 installments
  • 1 deposit with 2 - 12 installments

For more information, see Payment requests.



Identifies that the payment request is for the balance amount, after accounting for any other payment requests in the invoice:

  • If the invoice specifies only a balance payment request, it refers to the total amount identified by the associated order.
  • If the invoice also specifies a deposit request, the balance payment request refers to the remaining amount.
  • INSTALLMENT and BALANCE are not allowed together.

Identifies that the payment request is for a deposit. You have the option of specifying an exact amount or a percentage of the total order amount. If you request a deposit, it must be due before any other payment requests.


Identifies that the payment request is for an installment. An invoice can request payments in installments. Along with installments, you can request an optional deposit. All these payment requests must equal the total order amount.

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