Square Invoice API How to Handle Undelivered Email


Invoices that are emailed out to the client will sometimes return back as “Undelivered” and will show this when logged into Square, however I am unable to find this information anywhere in the API.

How can I notify and display on our software that the invoice failed to deliver to the customer?
Is there a webhook or a way to check if the invoice if it was successfully delivered to the customer?

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Invoices API Requirements
Create and Publish Invoices
Create and Publish Invoices

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Square’s Invoices API does not currently support the ability to check if an invoice was successfully delivered to a customer via email. The API does not provide a webhook or a specific field in the response that indicates the delivery status of an invoice. The delivery status information is only available in the Square Dashboard.

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Is there some kind of hack or workaround that I can do to notify our app? This seems to be a big oversight of the API.

Unfortunately, there is no work around to get this information via APIs or webhooks at this time. We’re always looking for ways to create a more robust platform for our merchants and developers. I’ll be sure to pass this along as a feature request to the team.