Issues Sending Out Invoice Emails in sandbox

I seem to be having an issue with the InvoicesAPI. My company is programming in the Java sdk and we are using the Invoices API for payment processing. The issue is when I’m testing I don’t seem to recieve an email for the invoice after I invoke The InvoicesAPI.publishInvoice() function.

        PublishInvoiceResponse publishResponse = invoicesAPI.publishInvoice(invoiceID, publishRequest);
        Invoice responseInvoice = publishResponse.getInvoice();

The invoice that gets returned has a valid publicURL returned by the Invoice.getPublicUrl() function and goes to the correct invoice created but it seems the email square is supposed to do never gets sent.

I’ve checked the gmail’s Inbox and Spam folder and can’t seem to see the invoice email with a link to it. I also went to and tried sending a reminder but the invoice didn’t send. Is this possibly because the customer object only contains a name and email possibly? Is there something not configured to send out emails for the square account?

Sandbox does not send actual emails at this time, unfortunately. Emails will only be sent when in production.