Invoices API : Invoice Not Found

I have our application set up to generate an order, then roll that over to a draft invoice and all works fine. When I try and publish the invoice through the API via our app, it says that the Invoice Is Not Found. When I submit the same exact data through API explorer, it works like a champ. I am stumped… anyone have any insight or ideas?
Our Payload being Sent (with out the auth for security):


“url”: “/v2/invoices/inv%3A0-ChC78LAnrPjY7flhudv__GblEAM/publish”,

“body”: “{\n"version”: 0,\n"idempotency_key": “433d636c-aca7-4018-9012-972fc0eb4ebb”\n }",

“method”: “POST”,

“headers”: [


“key”: “Content-Type”,

“value”: “application/json”





API Explorer Code:
curl \


-H ‘Square-Version: 2021-03-17’ \

-H ‘Authorization: Bearer xxxxx’ \

-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \

-d '{

“version”: 0,

“idempotency_key”: “9ba0475e-004a-4c8d-bc86-0a0d9217b212”


Hi @skindfw welcome to the forums!

How are you creating the first request? We’re actually receiving it as unencoded (so literally “inv%3A0-ChC78LAnrPjY7flhudv__GblEAM” instead of “inv:0-ChC78LAnrPjY7flhudv__GblEAM” which your other one is showing), so the invoice id cannot be found.