GetInvoicesApi returns V1_error with no details


I try to get an existing invoice (the invoice is not published, it’s a draft) by copy/pasting the same code from the Api Explorer. The explorer returns me the info but my webpage not. Instead of this, I got this amazing error

[22-Feb-2023 17:05:55 UTC] Array
[0] => Square\Models\Error Object
[category:Square\Models\Error:private] => V1_ERROR
[code:Square\Models\Error:private] => Unknown
[detail:Square\Models\Error:private] =>
[field:Square\Models\Error:private] =>

I thought as first that my credentials was incorrect, so I tested another call with the GetCustomerApi, which works perfectly.

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong to get this error since the exact infos in the API explorer works and calls to other API from the exact webpage works as well.

Thanks for your help

What’s your application ID? I’m not seeing that error in our logs. :slightly_smiling_face:


For now, I’m still in the sandbox : sandbox-sq0idb-6rnBC3RulZMh8fMAz0sQ_w

Let me know if you need more details :slight_smile:

did you ever figure this out?