Sandbox order and invoice creating not working

Hi, I´m working on integration of SquareUp with a Web APP. Currently implementing services to allow creating invoices, days ago I was able to create new orders and invoices using both, API Explorer and SDK but now unable to create new ones for testing. I wanted to test a new customer I added which has real email.

Is there any issue on creating new orders and invoices at sandbox?


Hey @dhabed! :wave: I’m not aware of any ongoing issues with creating orders or invoices in Sandbox. Is this issue still persisting for you? If so, are there any error messages being returned in your API response?

Hi, well, trying to add new Order now, from SDK, no error but getting already existing orders. E.g., I was trying to add a new order minutes ago and getting back already existing order, with Id WikEuT76ftVbQAZTeMXfaxBgMc4F which I actually added on Jan. 20th :

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Hi, problem fixed, was generating wrong idempotency Guid, regards, Danfer.

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