Create order via UI on the Sandbox account dashboard?

Hi all, I was trying to build an application using Square and I need to seed the orders data to test the app.

I know that I could create and pay the order from the Square API but I’m wondering if I could create the orders using the UI just like in the seller production dashboard?

Currently I cannot see “Create Order” button in the sandbox dashboard, do I need to configure something to make it work? Thank you.

Sandbox dashboard:

Production dashboard:

p/s: sorry I have to use GG Drive links as the uploading image function doesn’t work

Hey @ddnhan! :wave: Looking into whether this is supported in the sandbox dashboard.

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Hi @ddnhan, the Create Order button should be appearing in the Sandbox interface now. Thanks for flagging this!

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Hey @josh-square, thanks for making this works! The Create Order is now displayed on the seller dashboard.

Clicking it takes us to /dashboard/take-payment?transactionType=itemized-sale

I’ve just realized that there’s another “Create Order” button in /dashboard/take-payment/ route and it is missing. This button helps create the order (that later shows in the order dashboard). Would you mind taking another look :pray:

Here’s the screenshot from production:

Thanks for pointing this out. It also looks like adding a fulfillment isn’t available. We’ve taken this to the team and will be sure to provide any updates as we get them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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