Implement the Invoice and capture email content using API


We have account where we create invoice from this screen:

We use customer email here so payment link is directly sent to the customer in email.

We have system to manage the emails so we want to use that. Now we want that I should make an api call from our system ( Salesforce ) and I want the capture the email content which squareup generally sends directly when we add invoice from the UI. After capturing email content , I want to modify the content and send to the end customer. Can we do this?

Right now, we are sending two email to the customer. Once email from the square app and one email from our system. Customer get two emails which are confusion for him. We want to merge all the content in one email and send to the customer.

Is this possible using the api?

Hi @sachin! There’s no API that will capture the actual email content itself, but you can get a link to the invoice and include that within your own email communication.

When creating an invoice on your Seller Dashboard, you should have the option to select to share “Manually”. Selecting this means that Square will not email the invoice automatically. You can then use the Invoices API to retrieve that invoice. Invoice objects have a public_url field which you can use to link the customer to the Square-hosted invoice page from your own email.