Invoice API Beta

We’re excited to release Invoices API in beta!

You can now create, update, and send Square’s professional and secure Invoices from any third-party platform, Square Point of Sale, Square Dashboard, and Square Invoices app. Instead of manually creating an invoice for every order, sellers can save time by relying on the API to generate and send an invoice.

The Invoices API offers all of the benefits of Square Invoices, including flexible online payment options, outstanding payment reminders, real-time reporting, email templates, and buyer-facing payment pages. Plus, the API synchronizes data with Square, so sellers can access a central source of data for tracking and reporting.

The Invoices API is available publicly to developers in the U.S., CA, UK, AU, and JP. Learn more in the Invoices API Documentation. Feel free to ask questions on our Slack channel or here in the forums!


The one gap we found so far is that invoices created in the dashboard/web do not have an orderid attached so we can not retrieve item details for that invoice with the API. Is this something that will be supported or never supported?

Hey @carbonrobot, thanks for the feedback on that. If you could actually create a new thread under Feature Requests for this (and tag it use the invoices-api tag), I can be sure to get it to the Invoices team to find out.