Invoices API is generally available!

After a few months in beta, we’re thrilled to announce that Invoices API is now generally available. Built on top of Square Invoices, the Invoices API enables developers to create and manage invoices within the Square Point of Sale, Square Dashboard, Square Invoices app, and any-third party platform. The API also offers centralized data management by synchronizing invoicing data across platforms, making it easily accessible to sellers in the Square dashboard.

Plus, for continued feature parity between our first-party products and APIs, we’re also excited for the release of accepted_payment_methods, providing developers the capability to offer different payment options, including credit card or debit, Square gift card or ACH bank transfer, when invoicing buyers. Invoices can also be marked as paid by a seller with other payment methods such as cash or check in the Square Dashboard or Square Invoices mobile app.

To get started, check out:

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know here or join the BuildWithSquare Slack community to chat with us.


Hey there,

Wanted to let everyone know that the eazysquare airtable app uses the invoices api to generate square invoices from airtable data. All payments are synced back to airtable.

Eazysquare can be easily adapted to support other backends, such as, sales force and even google sheets. Contact us or send me a private message if interested to learn more.

Ronen Babayoff