Introducing Eazysquare - generate invoices from airtable and other 3rd party data

Hey there,

Eazysquare allows you to quickly and easily generate invoices from your airtable data. Payments made are synced back into airtable. The app also supports discounts, taxes, and other advanced features.

You can read more about it in our square unboxed hackathon submission.

Eazysquare can be easily modified to:

  • Support other backends , such as, sales force, and even google sheets.

  • Support generating checkouts, sync products, sync customers, and much much more.

Feel free to contact us to see how eazysquare can be tailored to your or your customer’s needs.

About Eazyapps

Eazyapps is the creator of award winning apps that are among the first to be listed in the airtable and marketplaces. We also provide top-notch development services.