Using Application ID with invoices api?


My company is a partner and we’re looking to integrate the invoices-api into our platform. But we want to be sure that payments made are accredited to our application id, so that it counts towards our monthly processing volume.

I’ve gone through the existing documentation and I don’t see anything that references how to do this and I’m hoping someone may be able to help point us in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mclinton welcome to the forums!

There’s no where that automatically (and consistently) supplies the application id that is retrievable via the API, unfortunately. However, if you’re doing to be using the Invoices API yourself, when you create an order using the Orders API to pass along to the invoice, you can supply a source. This could be your application (or whatever else you want it to be called; it’s free-text. You can find this in the CreateOrder tech ref, but let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for that further explanation. It sounds like, and I’m only mildly dangerous when it comes to APIs, that the Invoice API essentially just created Orders (at the end of the day).

And the Order is what needs our Application ID so that we can get credited for the Gross Process Volume.

Is that an oversimplification?

To be clear, I do not know what Gross Process Volume you’re referring to, is this something within your own company?

On Square’s server-side, we will know what payment/invoice/order is created by what application, but it’s not generally surfaced. If you need it to be surfaced for something within your own application, then I was suggesting to push the application (or some identifier) into the order->source field.

No it’s a calculated Square metric. As a Square Partner, we make a % of the total gross dollars that are processed through my application using Square’s payment processing.

So for us, we want to bring invoices into our existing web app and maybe our iPad app. So that way our users can generate invoices and when their customers pay, the payments count towards our monthly gross processing volume (GPV).

Ahhh, apologies, thanks for clarifying. We (API folks) typically do not know much about the partnerships; that’s owned by a different internal team. In that case, there’s nothing really you need to do, as I mentioned Square will know which application it comes from. You would need to use OAuth API to onboard Square merchants, though, or else it would be coming from many different applications.

No worries at all, it’s different sides of the house. I run product, but I feel I am most helpful when I understand a decent bit of tech. Always makes it easier for all parties when the context can be explained.

And this is awesome to hear. We’ve already got OAuth implemented for our point of sale application. We expect we may need additional OAuth permissions if our customers choose to do invoicing as well.

From here, I think we’re ready to start implementation. We have weekly meetings with a partner manager from Square, so if we need further tech assistance we will reach out here or through him.

Thanks a bunch for the help @sjosey!

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Sounds good, definitely let me know if I can help with anything :slight_smile: