Can we get the invoice status(Viewed, Not Viewed) through Square Invoice API?


We are creating invoice through Square Invoice API.

Can we get the status of invoice like “Viewed, Not Viewed” by customer through Invoice API? We are getting the invoice status like “PAID, UNPAID, REFUNDED, CANCELED” through Invoice API. BUT we are not getting invoice status like “Viewed, Not Viewed”.
How we can get this through Invoice API?


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Create and Publish Invoices

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The Square Invoices API currently does not support retrieving the status of an invoice as “Viewed” or “Not Viewed” by the customer. The API provides the status of the invoice in terms of its payment state, such as “PAID”, “UNPAID”, “REFUNDED”, or “CANCELED”, but it does not track or return information about whether the customer has viewed the invoice.

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