How square would be paid?

I am a square developer who used their api to integrate a payment portal on my website. But i want to know that how i would be paid as a square developer. Do application fee will transferred through our Square Development account or do we need to establish an additional portal to receive payments?
Basically i want to know the whole procedure before moving from Sandbox to Production.

Hi @doctortesting99 welcome to the forums!

If you’re collecting application fees, then it would be transferred to your developer account, yes. You need to set up a bank account in order to actually collect the money outside of Square, to be clear, but otherwise it will be deposited on a normal schedule. Let me know if you have any other questions around moving to production, though!

How can i set my bank account with square developer account. Can you give me the tutorial or any guidance regarding this.
Or do i have to configure my bank account from seller side of my square account.

Yes, you need to do it from the normal Square Seller Dashboard, sorry for the confusion.

Yes, you can use paid square account and use it premium features.