Marketplace solution (send money between accounts)

does square has a marketplace solution or a way to send money from one account to another?

The way I’m doing it using developer application fee

POST /v2/payments - Square API Reference , see app_fee_money

in a nutshell

  1. Authorize merchant A to your application using OAuth and obtain their access_token
  2. Charge customer credit card by sending the access token of merchant A along with app_fee_money
  3. Square will take their fees, deposit your app_fee_money to your account and deposit the rest of the money to the merchant A account

Here is the longer explanation

what if i want to take money and then transfer to merchant A and service provider B? something like doordash.

There’s no way to transfer money from one account to another within Square, unfortunately. The only way to move money is when a payment is involved, which would typically be between a customer and a merchant, not a merchant to merchant.

I think i am not being able to convey properly.

we need to split customer payment into two. something like seamless. we want to collect payment from the customer and split the money in three part : app fee, restaurant and driver.

is this sort of flow possible with square?

No, that’s not really possible. You can take an app fee, as mentioned above by @maged.makled, but it would only be between your application and the merchant; no one else would be able to get the fee (in this case, it sounds like the driver would miss out).