Split Amount into Different Square Account

Hello There,

In my system, I want a feature that when the user gives payment it will split 2 square account at a time. For example, when a user paying 200$ it should split into 2 accounts(Admin and Vendor) 150$ and 50$. I am using laravel SDK for square payment. Even if it is not possible in laravel SDK I will integrate cURL if the square has any system like this split amount.

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Hi @nayeemdev welcome to the forums!

There’s no way to split a payment between two different Square merchant accounts, but you can take an application fee into your developer account. So in the above example, you could send $150 to the vendor, and $50 to your developer account, or however you want to split it. Please take a look here: https://developer.squareup.com/docs/payments-api/take-payments-and-collect-fees

@sjosey Thank you for your quick reply. Just one thing is there any way for creating or deleting developer throw API?

Unfortunately not at this time

Okay, Thank You <3 …

Thanks for sharing, it’s helpful.