How can I connect with square production environment?

My client is already using square as his payment system. I created a developer account by myself and I was able to process orders using sandbox environment. Now I would like to send orders to production environment for the existing account of my client.

I would like to know what is the process to accomplish that.

1.Does my client need to set a developer account by himself and share me his Application ID, Access token and location id?

2.if I finish the process to validate my developer account to process payments, will I be able to connect with the location id from my client?

3.Does he need to add my as a Team member in order to see his location in my account?


Are you developing a custom application for one client that uses Square or are you going to have many clients that use Square use your application? If you’re developing a solution for one client you can ask them to create an application and configure their credentials to make the API calls. Otherwise you’ll want to use OAuth that will allow many sellers use your integration. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi bryab,
Thanks for the information, I’m developing a solution for one client, so it means that my customer will need to follow the next steps, right?

  • Go to
  • Click Developer Dashboard.Click on + New Application.
  • Name the application and click on Create Application > we’ll auto-generate the information needed for integration.
  • The Location ID(s) for your Square account can be found in the Locations tab of your Developer Dashboard.
  • Before copying the application ID, access token, and location ID, check that in the lower left corner of the page says “Production Settings”. If it says “Sandbox Settings”, click those words and it will switch to production. Production credentials are needed for live sales.

That’s the steps to get credentials. :slightly_smiling_face: