Account is working in Sandbox but not working in Production enviornment?

I have been working on Square API. When I try to use Sandbox it works well but when I use Production with Production keys it doesn’t work??
I have activated the account and it doesn’t show me any message that my account needs to be activated… However, the only thing is mising is OAuth Redirect URL?? does it must need to use the Square API for production?

Hi @aftabhafeez9,

When you switch to production you will need to make sure that your application is configured the same way it was in sandbox but with your production credentials. Also the base path URL will need to be configured to production which is :slightly_smiling_face:

I just checked all the Keys and credentials and they are for production but still, I am getting the error that “Card nonce already used; please request new nonce”.

$body_card = new \Square\Models\CreateCustomerCardRequest($_POST['nonce']);
$card_api_response = $client->getCustomersApi()->createCustomerCard($_SESSION['temp_customer_id'], $body_card);

I am creating customers first and then requesting card requests and then payment. What I am missing here??

How are you creating the payment? Are you using the customer_card_id instead of the same nonce? A nonce can only be used one time, to be clear.