Square Payment Form Not Working in Production


I am having trouble trying to get my square payment form to work in production. It works perfectly in sandbox however I am receiving the following errors in production:

After creating my order and landing on the page that displays the Square Payment Form, I receive 401 errors (2 of them as I am using the new Square Payment Form and one for digital wallets). You can see what I mean here:
(See top left of image below as I can’t insert multiple images as a new user apparently)
Here is the more descriptive error in the network tab of Google Chrome:
(See top right of image below as I can’t insert multiple images as a new user apparently)

I know I am certainly using the correct PROD App Id and PROD square payment form url, as I am printing the values out right before they are used as you can see here:
(See bottom left of image below as I can’t insert multiple images as a new user apparently)

Can anyone assist me with this?

Thank you!

I found the errors in our log, and it seems to be due to sq0idp-pkaHpsMVGbPRDXFhp8IHA not being a real application id. I see it in your requests, but can’t find this application anywhere, so it doesn’t exist. Did you copy the id correctly from your dashboard? If you’re sure you did, can you please provide a location id or your Square email address (feel free to message it to me directly) so I can take a look at your account?

Hey Stephen!

I appreciate your quick response man - you are awesome!

It’s possible I have the ID/location ID incorrect. The square account I am trying to connect to in production is my client’s square account. I have an account as a team member in that account but I don’t have the rights to look into the Developer Dashboard myself.

I have a call with the client today so I will double check we have the correct ID’s.

If there is anything you can look up given my information below, that would be great too!

Here is my email/location ID I am using for that account (it’s “team member” access):
[email protected]

Thanks again Stephen!

Hey @Blawkyy I did a double-check for you based on that information. The id is very close, it just has an extra - (hyphen) in it, so it’s actually: sq0idp--pkaHpsMVGbPRDXFhp8IHA. Let me know if you continue to have issues with this id as well, or if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

That was exactly it! Worked as expected now. Tricky hyphen.

Thanks for your expertise Stephen!

Have a great day.


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