Do we need to get approved to use our Square integration in production?

Hi, sorry if it sounds naive.

I have created a new “app” in Square developers site. This “app” function is simply to connect Square merchants to our website (our end goal is to help them simplify some of their processes for order fulfillment).

We don’t plan to list our app in Square App Marketplace. The oauth process would start from our website, ie. the merchant (which is also our customer) will be able to connect to square from our website.

What confuses me is that in our app dashboard, there’s already credentials for productions. Do we still need to “submit” the app in order for it to be usable by merchants in production?

Hey there!

The credentials you see in your developer dashboard are your ‘app’ credentials. These credentials are used to make API calls, such as the starting the Oauth flow. Once you obtain the required permissions from your Merchant, you will receive a Authorisation code once the flow is completed successfully. Then you can use this code to make API calls on behalf of the merchant in conjunction with your app id and secret.

ps. Be sure to encrypt your merchants authorisation code when storing it!

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi CharIsteezy!

Thanks for your reply. I’m aware of the creds in the developer dashboard. My question was whether the production credentials can be really used in production straight away (after the app is developed) or not. i.e. should I do the steps in this guide before using the app on production?

We’re not planning to publish this app in the marketplace, we just want merchants to be able to connect their store to our site, but like I said the oauth process will start from our site. Imagine a button in our site that says “connect your square store with us” and it will redirect them to square, ask them to login to their store, accept the permissions in the oauth process, and redirect back to our site). Do we need to apply to become a partner or not?

:wave: @fauzi_ar, production credentials can be used in production the moment the app is created and the credentials are generated in the Developer Dashboard. If your not planning on listing the app in the App Marketplace there’s not further actions to make API calls in production. Your all good to go. :wave: