How to Link a Bank Account for a Developer Account

Apologies if this is a repeated question, but I could not still find how to add a Bank Account to a Developer account.

We are trying to explore the app_fee_money concept of the Web Payments SDK, and I was wondering how to link a bank account to our Developer account.

I can see the ‘Bank Accounts’ section under the Seller Dashboard, however I do not see any option as such under the Developer Dashboard, or under our Application settings.

I did refer to the documentation at
But I could not find any information on how to Link a bank account to the developer account on that.

:wave: Adding a bank account in the Seller Dashboard is where you’ll add the bank account that you’ll collect app_fee_money. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response Bryan.

Is there a page/report where the app_fee_money amounts that are collected from different merchants who will be using our application, get listed on?

At this time there isn’t a page in Developer Dashboard that lists all the app_fee_money your application collects. Square reports the application fee collected by an application in the Seller Dashboard under the default location. To find the application fee report:

  1. Go to the Seller Dashboard.
  2. Choose Balance.
  3. On the Balance page, choose the default location from the filter drop-down list. The application fee is reported only in the main location.
  4. To see previous transfers (from the Square account to your bank account), choose View all transfers.