How do i change the business name that appears on card statement receipt?

I want the name of the product for which the payment was made to appear on the card statement, instead of the business name. I attempted to achieve this by using ‘statement_description_identifier’, but it hasn’t been effective—the card statement receipt still displays the business name.
I want this change on this receipt that the customer receives:

Using payment api:

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The ‘statement_description_identifier’ in the CreatePayment request is used by Square to construct statement descriptions that are sent to banks. However, it doesn’t replace the business name on the statement. The general format of a statement description that banks include on a customer card or bank statement is as follows: Payment-facilitator-id (For Square-generated descriptors, this value is SQ *), Business name (This is the business name shown in the Seller Dashboard), Delimiter (Square adds this only if you provide the identifier), Identifier (optional) - If a CreatePayment request includes the statement_description_identifier, Square uses the value as the identifier.

So, the business name will always be part of the statement description. The ‘statement_description_identifier’ is an additional piece of information that can help customers understand their statements, but it doesn’t replace the business name.

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Understood that it’s not possible to change business name on card statement receipt.
But, ‘statement_description_identifier’ isn’t making any difference in the card statement receipt. The data I’m using in ‘statement_description_identifier’, for example ‘xyz’, doesn’t appear anywhere on the statement receipt.

Is it truncated when looking at the statement? Often time when you look at the charge on a mobile devices the statement_description_identifier isn’t seen unless you click on that charge because the bank app truncated it. :slightly_smiling_face:

The screenshot I shared above is taken after clicking on the charge.

That looks to be a mobile view. Have you looked at the statement in a web view? :slightly_smiling_face: