How to set 3rd party payments to create item name and categorize?


I’m a beginner with Square Developer and would love some guidance if what I’m looking for is even possible.

I’ve set up payments through for a reservation that has an associated fee upon booking. I’ve been able to connect the two but when I processed a test payment it appeared in my Square report as a “Custom amount” with the name of the item purchased in the description along with other additional information. It’s also appearing without a category.

My goal is to have a cleaner report in Square. I’m wondering if it’s possible when the payment is sent to Square for it to name the item and set a category based on the description, then continue to put the details in the description.

Screenshot 2023-08-26 3.30.22 PM

Honestly, this feels like a long shot so if I’m aiming at something impossible any advice is appreciated.

Note: It says “($1.00)” because I refunded it before I took the screenshot. In case anyone gets confused by that.

I took a look at the payment and see that it was created with the Payments API and an order_id wasn’t passed in with the order details when the payment was processed. This is why it was a custom amount. All the details were passed in as a note. When information is passed in as a note it will end up as the description of a payment.

If you’d like to have itemized payment you’ll need to first create an order with the Orders API. Once you have the itemized order you’ll pass in the order_id in with the payment request. Once processed you’ll see the itemized order in the Seller Dashboard. :slight_smile: